Matromarine products© is an international manufacturing company developing and realizing a vaste range of products for marine use.

Marketing and distribution is handled via multiple sales companies and independent distributors worldwide. 32 years of experience providing solutions for marine equipment needs ensure high quality of standards. We are certified ISO 9001. Today Matromarine is producing not only toilets and pumps, but can boast of a range of over 100 articles for pleasure crafts, many of which are bearing the mark and the approval of R.I.N.A., according to SOLAS rules.

Well known for its production of quality toilets, pumps, lights, horns, switches and other accessories for leisure boats, Matromarines ’s factory is located in Isola Del Cantone, a small village in the Liguria countryside, around 25 Km. far from Genoa.

You can have a look at the homologations issued by R.I.NA. (Italian Bureau of Shipping) in compliance with the European Community Regulation NO 94/25 on electric devices, for protection against ignition of surrounding flammable gases (Ref. ISO 8846), which are indispensable for the assembling of all kinds of bilge pump.