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Ocean Technologies is a well – known brand with a reputation built on 40 years of high quality design expertise.Today, we supply marine customers around the world with innovative marine pumps and toilets,waste water handling products,lighting and ventilation equipments.

We are proud to design, manufacture and export them in 70 countries in all over the world through our authorizhed distributors and private labels customers. Call us directly or send us emails for product request and installation and spare parts advice, we will put you in contact withh our network of distributors and services support.
Email | Phone +39 010 9630004

Matromarine is strongly believing that customer service is the foundation of our ability to build and maintain business relationships in the markets we service. Our philosophy will always lead its commitment to personal service, which is evident in our dedication to detail.

Matromarine continues to raise the bar for end-product performance with cutting edge technology, intellectual property and global manufacturing capabilities. We look confidently to the challenges of the new century. This confidence is grounded on a convion that the support of customers and employees provides the synergy for success.

Our warehouse

Our Warehouse

Boatshow Matromarine

Boatshow Matromarine