Control panels for Toilets

CD:6000000715 electric std.
CD:6500002003 electric silent with IC control system and level indicator
CD:6500002002 electric silent “Carling” rocker(manual switch panel.)
CD:4500000118 probes for level indicator

CD:6500001702 electric standard with level indicator
Built in IC Control systems with 2 automatic flush buttons:
1) Full flush 5 seconds delivery approx. 5 litres of water
2)Eco flush 2,5 seconds delivery approx. 2,5 litres of water

Bidet for marine toilets

CD:6500000016 1 tap
CD:6500000017 2 taps
for space saver, compact,comfort,laguna and all luxury bowls equipped with wooden seat. Soft close system do not match with any bidet system.
CD:6500000015 mixer tap for deluxe bowl

Additional information

Weight 0,03 kg

14 x 25 cm