Newest generation of silent pumps equipped with 4 diaphragms
Indispensable equipment to supply water on all series of electrical silent toilets. Delivery: 12 litres.

  • CD. 2500001212 12 V.
  • CD. 2500001224 24 V


For centralized system with fresh water

  • CD:6500102012
  • CD:6500102024

Port Connection 1/2 mm hose
Can be ordered together with all series of electrical silent toilets.

Vented loops:

  • CD:6000100015 Port Connection 38
  • CD:6000100013 Port Connection 25
  • CD:6000100010 Port Connection 19

Indispensable component for inlet and discharge pipes of manual and electric toilets installed
below the waterline. Manual and electric marine toilets flushed with sea or river water require
connections through the hull below water level

Additional information

Weight 1,06 kg

8.5 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm